January 1, 2020   Comments Off on DIRECTOR NEWS
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It looks like winter is finally here and so is the Superbowl!  As you plan your Superbowl party, don’t forget to make plans to recycle your clean food containers (#1 and #2 plastics) and aluminum beverage cans.

 2020 is underway and we have a lot of new ideas and programs starting this year.  One of the new programs is a grant for Richland County Schools.  This grant ($500) will be awarded to two schools that bring awareness or have programs that involve “Reduce, Reuse, or Recycle.” The Solid Waste Authority will also have a new program and contests set up at the Richland County Fair so be sure to look for that in coming months. 

 As Director, I want to involve the Schools in Richland County in our recycling efforts.  Schools like Shelby Middle School led by Mrs. Rowlands have a great recycling program going on and the effort her and the kids put into that program is phenomenal.  On behalf of the Board of Trustees for the Solid Waste Authority I want to thank Mrs. Rowlands and her kids (Eco-Whippets) for their hard work.  Shelby Middle School’s program is a role model for other schools.  The school will be holding an electronics drive in a couple months so look for that to come as we will post it on our website and Facebook page.

Until Next Time,

Eddie Hale
Executive Director