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Listed below are the activities we offer in an our Environmental Classroom.  We added a new activity this year called Magnetic Pull.

Magnetic Pull:  Students investigate with magnets by testing the pull and finding if the force is strong enough to travel through non-magnetic things.

Plastics 1:  Students make a polymer chain, then make a polymer (Slime) from glue, water and Borax.

Plastics 2:  Students sort plastics and make a shrinky-dink with a thermoplastic.

Worms:  Students examine worms and their habitats, including the microscopic creatures who live with them.  Works well in conjunction with Compost Jar.

Compost Jar:  Students make a bottle composter and worm habitat, examine compost and identify compost creatures.  Works best in conjunction with worms to enhance student understanding and earlier in the year so students can see the decomposition process.

Paper Making:  Students make their own recycled paper, following the manufacturing process.

Garbage Pizza:  Students make a pie graph with trash samples that represent what is in our garbage.

Earth Smart Recycling Game:  Students use the board game format to find out about recycling.

Household Hazards:  Students make a baking soda and vinegar rocket to observe reactions and work on a Waste Wheel that they can complete when they return to school.

Trash History:  Students become archaeologist, identifying the period in which artifacts are found, use a time line and find out The Stories Trash Can Tell.

Reuse Crafts:
Nylon Stocking Earth Babies
Puzzle Piece Picture Frame
Newspaper Plant Pots with Plant