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The goal of the Education Program for the Solid Waste Authority is to provide standards based information and activities to students and teachers in Richland County. To meet that goal we have established a number of programs.

3rd Grade Program: Through this program, every 3rd grade classroom in Richland County has the opportunity to visit our classroom at 1125 National Parkway and tour the Landfill or Transfer Station.

Poster Contest: Each year the Richland County Solid Waste Authority provides the students of Richland County the opportunity to participate in a poster contest. The posters demonstrate the different aspects of recycling. The top 12 posters are placed in the Solid Waste Calendar.

Our Staff provides at least two teacher workshops each year. One is a make-it, take-it for holiday re-use activities. The other concentrates on a solid waste topic providing teachers with standards based lessons.

Solid Waste Education Program
Providing teachers with resources to complete lessons is a priority for our program.Teacher Boxes and Resource Library are open to all area teachers. We restock our boxes so teachers don’t have to purchase materials to complete activities. We also provide pencils, litter bags, and flyers to classrooms using our Education Materials Request Form.

Teacher Partnerships allows a classroom teacher and education staff to create an extended relationship. Our education staff will come to the school to teach a variety of lessons. Partnerships can be as short as two visits or can last an entire school year either once or twice a month.

The Richland County Solid Waste offices are located at 1125 National Parkway, just south of US Route 30, past the BP Station on Trimble Rd. Our building is the last one on the left.

Our classroom will have space to make all of our teacher resources easily available through an enlarged resource library and space to make those resources easy to find. We have viewing windows into the warehouse so students can observe collection efforts.