Director’s News

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I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable summer!  Richland County Solid Waste has just completed a very busy spring season.  We were involved in many programs, such as, Earth Stewardship Celebration, Environmental Educational Classroom and operating our Yard Waste & Composting Facility.  These programs promote our goal to reduce landfill use.  Please remember to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle whenever possible.

The Solid Waste Authority has completed another successful Earth Stewardship Celebration this past April, May and June.  We partnered with the local Earth Stewardship Steering Committee.  Our local Rumpke Transfer Station provided free disposal for a large portion of our litter cleanup projects.  THANKS to all who helped in this great event!

The Richland County Yard Waste Composting Facility has been very busy the past few months collecting a large quantity of yard waste material for preparation of grinding it into wood mulch.  We are currently “Sold Out” of our leaf humus compost, but we have an ample supply of wood mulch. Information pertaining to hours of operation, fees and other pertinent information may be accessed by clicking our website’s “Compost” tab.

The Richland County Solid Waste Authority’s Educational Department sponsored a “Recycle Today For A Better Tomorrow” Poster Calendar Contest during the Earth Stewardship Celebration.  Our Poster Calendar winners are:

                                     OVERALL ELEMENTARY WINNER
                      JoMariah Fortson-Sherman Elementary School

                                      OVERALL MIDDLE SCHOOL WINNER
                                      Kaylyn Kent-Lucas Middle School

                                        OVERALL HIGH SCHOOL WINNER
                                 Katelyn Gonzales-Plymouth High School

We are curretly preparing a display booth for the Richland County Fair.  Our booth will be located in the Nature Park Building.  The booth will feature information containing ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle many items and will have information about our many programs.

                               SEE YOU AT THE RICHLAND COUNTY FAIR!
                                              August 7th through 12th

Be Safe,