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What is Yard Waste?
Yard waste is anything growing in your yard. Trees, grass, bushes and plants are all considered yard waste.

Leaf compost can be used directly on your garden as a mulch or can worked into the soil as a soil amendment. Gardeners call compost “Black Gold” because it helps out soil texture and fertilizes your plants.

You can make compost from your yard waste in your own back yard. If you have room, create a compost pile where you put your leaves, grass and kitchen scraps. Moisten the pile and turn occasionally (about every two weeks). The materials will decompose and you’re left with your own usable compost. If you don’t have a lot of space, you might want to purchase a composter.

Why not throw it away?
In 2002 the state of Ohio banned yard waste from landfills. This happened for several reasons:
· Yard waste is easy to recycle into mulch and compost
· Yard waste decomposes at a rapid rate. That was a problem for landfills because rapid decomposition creates methane gas
· Solid Waste districts were assigned the task of reducing the amount of trash their residents were throwing away

As a result: Richland County Solid Waste opened a compost facility to help residents of Richland County to recycle their yard waste.

Yard Waste tipping fee (drop off) amount:
$1.00 per bag / 1-3 bags
$4.00 per car
$8-$10 per station wagon/van
$10-$12 per small pickup
$12-$16 per full size pickup
$4.00 per cubic yard for trailers and large trucks

Materials Accepted                                                                   Materials Not Accepted  Brush                                                                                             Trash of any type
Christmas trees                                                                          Demolition Debris
Shrubs                                                                                            Lumber
Sod                                                                                                  Pallets
Grass                                                                                              Dirt/Rock
Leaves                                                                                            Manure
Trees and Limbs                                                                          Tires
Mixed Yard Waste
Wood Chips