New Tours on the Horizon!

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Currently, RCSW offers tours with the Rumpke Richland County Transfer Station or the Rumpke Noble Road Landfill.  New tours are in the works and ought to be offered during the 2021-2022 school year!

Landfill Cell

Rumpke Noble Road Landfill Tours: On landfill tours, students remain on the bus and are joined by a Rumpke tour guide. As the bus travels along the tour route, the Rumpke guide explains each part of the landfill. Guests learn about various safeguards that allow Rumpke to responsibly dispose of trash while preserving and protecting health, safety and the environment. Guests will also learn how methane gas and leachate (water that has come in contact with trash) are collected from the landfill; see on-site wetlands; watch semi-trucks empty trash; and view huge compactors flatten the trash to conserve landfill space.
Rumpke Sanitary Landfill Video
Where Can a Landfill Be Located?’ Video (Noble Road Landfill)
Rumpke Fact Sheet

Richland Transfer Station

Rumpke Transfer Station Tours: Upon arrival at the transfer station, guests receive safety goggles and are escorted by a Rumpke tour guide into the transfer station. The guide explains what occurs at the transfer station while guests watch the process in action through a large window. Guests then walk to the nearby recycling facility to learn about the recycling process and watch a variety of materials get baled and shipped for recycling.