For teachers in Richland County looking to schedule Teacher Partnerships, an In-Class Program or Field Trip, please contact Kyver at or call 419-774-5861. Please provide your name, email address, contact phone number, grade level, number of students, activity or programs of interest, and needed scheduled time frame. All requests must be confirmed by you and RCSW via email for booking.

Our In-Class programs offer the ability to bring recycling into the classroom. All programs are reserved on a first come basis.

The lessons for the programs correlates with Ohio’s Learning Standards for Science (OLSS), Grades 2-5. In addition, each has a focus on RCSW’s mission and emphasizes recycling. Programs in alignment with OLSS are also available for 1st grade (see the easily adaptable programs ‘Lessons from the Lorax’ and ‘Dinosaurs Protecting Our Planet’ below and refer to Teaching Partnerships for additional options). Call 419-774-5861 or email Kyver for details and for our Kindergarten Storytelling options. For Field Trips, click here.

Teachers may opt to have RCSW’s educational specialist on site for programs #1 through #3 or to administer the activities without the specialist. An option for on-line interaction between the class and RCSW’s education specialist is also available. Programs #1 through #3 are delivered to the school prior to the reserved date and picked up the day after the reserved date.

Programs 3 through 6 require RCSW’s education specialist (please see below). A Web-based interface may be available. Please schedule a Zoom Meeting for details. Email or call Kyver at or 419-774-5861 to book your event or meeting.

Interested in more than one program at your school? Then consider a Teaching Partnership. Learn more about the potential programs by clicking here.

To enhance the use of programs #1, 2, and 3 please click and review the following: Games, Videos, Crafts, and Edu Links page. 

In-Class Activity Kits for 2nd and 3rd graders

  1. Understanding Plastics and Physical Change: Making Shrinky-Dinks with thermoplastic material or repurpose a plastic water bottle: Witness physical change as the thermoplastic material shrinks right in front of your eyes or repurpose a plastic water bottle into a terrarium… or something else! This activity gives new purpose to used plastics and teaches about different kinds of plastics.

  2.  Paper, Compost, and Repurposed Art: Learn about compost with Compost Stew. Then expereince an outdoor scavenger hunt with paper bags decorated with the help of nature; make plant starters with cardboard tubes and RCSW’s compost; and finally, repurpose puzzle pieces into art!

  3. Make Ornaments out of recycled materials for any holiday: Use pinecones, paper, plastics, DVDs and other materials to make holiday ornaments while learning about reduce, reuse, and recycle.

In-Classroom Programs 4 through 6 are shortened versions of Field Trip programs and require RCSW’s education specialist. Students may interact directly and in person with RCSW or through a web-based interface such as Zoom if COVID restrictions limit face-to-face interaction.

   4.  Dinosaurs Protecting Our Planet: In-Classroom program (for 2nd and 3rd grade students) Students learn about reduce, reuse, and recycle through group game play. Students must be divided into about 5 discussion groups prior to the arrival of the education specialist or scheduled online interface. This program is guided towards student led discussions and is more in-depth as a field trip.

Students will learn about natural resources; how to reduce by using less; creating new uses for things that have been used – like egg cartons, paper towel tubes, and plastic water bottles; and how to recycle everyday items the “dinosaur way.”

In groups, 3rd graders will have the opportunity to repurpose an everyday household items that they bring to class or that is provided for them and 2nd graders will have the option to create a poster for the year’s recycling poster contest.

   5.  Lessons from the Lorax: In-Class program (adaptable for grades 1 through 4) RCSW’s educational specialist discusses Dr. Seuss’s 1971, Random House story about the Lorax who speaks for the trees as the ecosystem of the Truffula Trees is destroyed by the Once-ler who brings about environmental destruction for a silly invention that everyone thinks they need.

The environmental lessons within the story are presented visually through modern day examples related to the story. Natural resources, climate change and greenhouse gases such as water vapor; carbon dioxide and methane are introduced to the students. This discussion weaves into the presentation vanishing species; the importance of reduce, reuse, and recycle; and more. A DIY project is also incorporated into the Lorax expereince.

   6.  Let’s play games!!  What do you know about recycling and litter? For 3rd through 6th graders! Learn about reduce, reuse and recycle through game play: Jeopardy, Trash Bingo, Musical Recycling, and Recycle Me Potato. Other topics covered include Natural Resources, the Greenhouse Effect/Climate Change, Landfills, and Litter and Trash. Call for details for these games based on your grade’s Learning Standards for Science.

Please call or email Kyver with your questions and for the potential of a specialized program designed just for your class! He can be reached at 419-774-5861 or