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Listed below are the activities offered in our Environmental Classroom.  

Magnetic Pull:  New for 2020! Students investigate with magnets by testing the pull and finding if the force is strong enough to travel through non-magnetic objects.

Plastics 1:  Students make a polymer chain, then make a polymer slime from glue, water and Borax.

Plastics 2: Students sort plastics and make a shrinky-dink with a thermoplastic.

Worms:  Students examine worms and their habitats, including the microscopic creatures who live with them.  This project works best  with the Compost Jar activity.

Compost Jar:  Students make a bottle composter and worm habitat; examine compost; and identify compost creatures.  This project works best with  the Worms activity. When completed early in the school year, students can see the decomposition process!

Paper Making:  Students make their own recycled paper, following the manufacturing process.

Garbage Pizza:  Students make a pie graph with trash samples that represent what is in our garbage.

Earth Smart Recycling Game:  Students use the board game format to find out about recycling.

Household Hazards:  Students make a baking soda and vinegar rocket to observe reactions and work on a Waste Wheel that they can complete when they return to school.

Trash History:  Students become archaeologist, identifying the period in which artifacts are found; use a time line; and find out The Stories Trash Can Tell.

Reuse Crafts:  Make Nylon Stocking Earth Babies, Puzzle Piece Picture Frame, and Newspaper Plant Pots!