Tours with Field Trips

Each teacher has the option to include a tour to one of the following facilities when a Field Trip is scheduled.  For our Field Trip programs, click on Environmental Classroom or click here. RCSW offers tours with carefully designed Ohio’s Learning Standards of Science programs to engage 3rd through 6th grade students. For Permission Slips, click here: Permission Slips.

Rumpke Noble Road Landfill Tours for 3rd through 6th grade: On landfill tours, students remain on the bus and are joined by a Rumpke tour guide. As the bus travels along the tour route, the Rumpke guide explains each part of the landfill. Guests learn about various safeguards that allow Rumpke to responsibly dispose of trash while preserving and protecting health, safety, and the environment. Guests will also learn how methane gas and leachate (water that has come in contact with trash) are collected from the landfill; see on-site wetlands; watch semi-trucks empty trash; and view huge compactors flatten the trash to conserve landfill space. Upon returning to the Educational Classroom, discussions on how to reduce trash through recycling occurs. The following videos help to explain both the landfill and the recycling process.  Rumpke Sanitary Landfill Where Can a Landfill Be Located? (Noble Road Landfill) • Rumpke Fact Sheet How recycling works: Ends with you starts with us.

Gorman Nature Center Tours:  Join in the discoveries of solar energy, scrap tire tiles, a compostable toilet, energy efficient lighting, insect house and more as we investigate the importance of renewable and recyclable materials for building and sustaining an ecological balance for insects, wildlife, and humans in Richland County.

Richland County Solid Waste’s Compost Facility Tours: Look at that heap of stuff! What does it consist of? Why is it smoking? Where does it come from? What lives in it? Why is it important? How does it benefit the community? All of these questions will be answered during this tour (weather permitting).  In addition, students get to go on a Trashy Scavenger Hunt and dig in the dirt to bring home a piece of Richland County’s compost to add to a plant pot or terrarium made from recyclable  materials. 

Mansfield City Park, Historical South Park Tour: Tour the Park to experience the community garden and the historical buildings and discover how the historical site relates to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Sustainability, balance between community and nature, is promoted at Mansfield’s South Park – once known as Johnny Appleseed Park. John Chapman introduced and planted apple trees in Richland and surrounding counties from 1810 to 1830.

For the day field trip, RCSW will reimburse the cost of one bus per school (up to $100.00 a year). The tour begins around 9:30am at the tour location and will end around 2:00pm (or earlier if stipulated by the teacher) at the Educational Classroom located at RCSW, 1125 National Parkway, Mansfield. The Educational Rep will meet the students by the school bus at the tour site. Permission slips must be completed prior to students getting off of the bus.

Don’t forget to bring a lunch and at least one adult helper for each group of 5 students. Lunch is eaten at RCSW’s Environmental Classroom after the morning tour.

**RCSW also works with 4-H Groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Home -School Students, and generally all students in the K-12 Richland County district. Call Kristin at 419-774-5861 for setting up an appointment.**

We look forward to seeing you.  Have a great year!

For teachers in Richland County looking to schedule Teacher Partnerships, an In-Class Program or Field Trip, please contact Kristin at or call 419-774-5861. Please provide your name, email address, contact phone number, grade level, number of students, activity or programs of interest, and needed scheduled time frame. All requests must be confirmed by you and RCSW via email for booking.