For teachers in Richland County looking to schedule an In-Class Program or Field Trip, please download and complete the scheduling form after you have reviewed the tab ‘Environmental Classroom’ as well as the links ‘In-Class Programs’ and ‘Tours’ which are found under that tab.

Please be sure to contact Kristin for confirmation and follow-up at or call 419-774-5861.

Our staff provides information and educational presentations for local groups interested in recycling as well as youth organizations such as Boy/Girl Scouts and 4-H Groups. RCSW also provides informative speakers for K-12. Our K-12 presentations may include discussions, activities,  and/or experiments.

Let us bring our classroom to you!

The goal of the presentations is to educate students and residents about the importance of  reduce, reuse and recycle; how and why to recycle; and how recycling impacts our community.

Some of the many benefits of recycling include:
~Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.
~Creates jobs (Recycling and Manufacturing Industries in the United States)
~Saves Energy
~Conserves Natural Resources (Timber, Water and Minerals)
~Prevents Pollution

For more information and to schedule an interactive presentation that fits your group’s needs, contact our Education Specialist, Kristin Yoshioka (, 419-774-5861. Kristin looks forward to speaking with you!