For teachers in Richland County looking to schedule Teacher Partnerships, an In-Class Program or Field Trip, please contact Kyver at or call 419-774-5861. Please provide your name, email address, contact phone number, grade level, number of students, activity or programs of interest, and needed scheduled time frame. All requests must be confirmed by you and RCSW via email for booking.

Down load student permission slips here: Permission Slips.

Our staff provides information and educational presentations for local groups interested in recycling as well as youth organizations such as Boy/Girl Scouts and 4-H Groups. RCSW also provides informative speakers for K-12. Our K-12 presentations may include discussions, activities,  and/or experiments. Hooray!

Let us bring our recycling knowledge and activities to you!

The goal of the presentations is to educate students and residents about the importance of  reduce, reuse and recycle; how and why to recycle; and how recycling impacts our community.

Some of the many benefits of recycling include:
~Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.
~Creates jobs (Recycling and Manufacturing Industries in the United States)
~Saves Energy
~Conserves Natural Resources (Timber, Water and Minerals)
~Prevents Pollution

For more information and to schedule an interactive presentation that fits your group’s needs, contact our Education Specialist, Kyver Farr (, 419-774-5861. Kyver looks forward to speaking with you!