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RCSW strives to address the recycling needs of the community by offering opportunities throughout the year to recycle items such as Household Hazardous Wastes, Medicines, Scrap Tires, and more. This page will provide information on those events once they are scheduled for community engagement.  

Community events that benefit Richland County’s Recycling Mission may  also be included in this post.

Hosting an Event? A Graduation? A Wedding? Need a bin? Reserve a Bin!
Richland County Solid Waste offers Recycling Bins for Consumer and Community Events. For more information, call 419-774-5861.

DEA National Drug Take Back Day, Saturday, October 23, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at RCSW’s Collections/Recycling Facility, 1125 National Parkway. Please put all pills in a Ziploc bag when coming to RCSW’s Medicine Collection Events.  The events are usually held twice a year during the months of April and October (depending on  funding).  Richland County Solid Waste partners with Metrich for this event. No Sharps will be accepted. Remove and destroy all personal information on the medicine’s original container and recycle it. Many pill bottles are mode from a #2 plastic. Click this link for more on the disposal of Medicines and Sharps (especially if you were unable to come to the event). Avita in Ontario accepts medications 24/7.

Join RCSW this Halloween at Liberty Park between 1 and 3pm on Sunday, Oct 31 for TRICK OR TREAT. This event is sponsored by the Mansfield Parks and Recreation Dept and is a drive through event for young kids. Wear your costumes and remember to keep all your empty wrappers in your pockets!  No littering! Treating first 350 kids!

National Recycling Day also known as America Recycles Day is November 15! Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and stop by 1125 national Parkway with all of your recyclables.

Roadside Litter Cleanup, Earth Stewardship, April, May and Beyond!
The Richland County Solid Waste Authority requests that all Richland County residents help clean up roadside litter during the Earth Stewardship months of April, May and Beyond! Contact Brenda at Richland County Solid Waste about our Earth Stewardship Litter Cleanup Program at 419-774-5861.

Adopt A County Road/Adopt a Drop
The Adopt A County Road Program allows volunteer groups to adopt a two-mile stretch of County Road in Richland County. The program is free and is designed to help keep litter off the roads, providing stewardship to Richland County’s roadways. Groups are asked to adopt a stretch of county road for two years with 4 minimum litter pickups per year. Volunteers are not paid to pick up litter. Richland County Solid Waste will provide safety training, trash bags, disposable safety vests and two personalized signs to be used at the beginning of the two-mile section. Call 419-774-5861 for more information.

Want to help keep your Drop-Off Location litter free? Call 419-774-5861 for information on how adopt a Drop-Off Location.

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