Richland County Solid Waste (RCSW) offers the residents of Richland County many options for recycling household items. A recycling guide for both Residential and Businesses is included in this website. The guides are full of important information on how and where to recycle. In addition, RCSW has 14 Drop-off Locations throughout the county to help promote recycling as well as a community or school SCRAP trailer recycling program. Links are found under the residential tab.

For a quick reference for recyclable materials accepted at our Recycling & Collection Facility click here.

Our goal is to give you the tools needed to dispose of  items responsibly. Our mission is to reduce the volume of waste placed in Richland County’s local landfill by promoting “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.”

In addition to recycling, the RCSW maintains the Closed Landfill at 536 Cairns Road in accordance with Ohio’s EPA guidelines; our Educational Program for third graders teaches local students the benefits of recycling, and why it is important to take care of the environment; and we operate the Compost Facility located at 441 Cairns Road. The Compost Facility gives Richland County residents a place to properly dispose of yard waste and Christmas Trees. What is yard waste? Click on the following link for information: Yard Waste.

For recycling education, awareness, and outreach, RCSW provides information and educational presentations for local groups interested in recycling as well as youth organizations such as Boy/Girl Scouts and 4-H Groups. RCSW also provides informative speakers for K-12. Our K-12 presentations may include discussions, activities,  and/or experiments.