Recycling & Collection Facility: Materials Accepted

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Please sort recyclables by the categories listed below. Items in green may require a disposal fee. Please click on those items for more information or click here for the Recycling/Collection Facility brochure.

Aluminum Cans


Books (Hard and Soft Cover)

Car Batteries

Cardboard (Flattened)

Catalogs, Directories, & Magazines

Cell Phones


Fluorescent Bulbs and Tubes

Glass (Food and Beverage Containers Only Sorted by Color)

Mail & Mixed Office Paper


Plastic 1 & 2

Rechargeable, Lithium and Button Cell Batteries   

Scrap Tires 

Steel Cans

 ***We are a recycling facility and do not accept any trash or items made from mixed materials such as the following: furniture, pianos, organs, hot tubs, mirrors, fiber glass boats, wood stereo cabinets or solar panels.***