Poster Calendar Contest 2022 Winners!

From 560 poster calendar entries from 18 local schools, Richland County Solid Waste is proud to announce the winners of the 2022 Poster Contest sponsored by Milliron Recycling. The contest’s theme, ‘Bee connected to nature: reduce, reuse, recycle’ was best represented by the overall winners: Stephen Greene III, 4th grade, from Mansfield Spanish Immersion; Layla Krizan, 7th grade, from Madison Middle School, and Kylie Brockway, 12th grade, from Crestview High School.

The following student posters were also picked to represent the 2022/2023 SCRAP recycling trailer calendar: Francis Paynter, Sacred Heart, Shelby, 2nd grade; Asherah Marie Hapin, Mifflin Elem, 3rd grade; Jessica Martinez, Spanish Immersion, 3rd grade; Jocelyne Doss, Lucas Middle School, 6th grade; Camylle King, Madison Middle School, 6th grade;  Adalyn Wise, Clear Fork Middle School, 7th grade; Addie Sigler, Lexington Jr. High, 8th grade; Gracie Dawson, 9th grade and Charlie Schaub, 12th grade from Plymouth-Shiloh HS. All winners will receive a family day pass to the Ohio Bird Sanctuary, Kingwood Center Gardens, and Kelly’s Mini Golf as well as other opportunities to engage in Richland County’s parks and recreation.

The calendars will be on display at the Mansfield Art Center throughout the month of June.

Congratulations to all!

Every year Richland County Solid Waste hosts a K-12 student calendar contest. For 2023 poster calendar contest, check back in late fall for the new theme and contest guidelines. Winning contestants will receive a  gift packet promoting Richland County, which may include gift cards to Ohio Bird Sanctuary, Miniature Golf, Altitude Trampoline Park, Kingwood Center’s new Garden Gateway, Malabar Farm, Richland Carrousel Park and more!


2022 Recycling Grant Winners

In 2022, the RCRSWMD’s Board of Directors chose to award and recognize 6 Richland County school programs with the $500 Recycling School Grant.

*Butler Elementary won for establishing a new recycling program at their school, focusing on establishing recycling habits within the student body that will last for years.

*Central Elementary, Lexington, also established a new recycling program. The grant will help them purchase bins and create flyers into 2022/23 school year.

*Crestview HS applied for a grant to beautiful the front of the school with the replacement of old bins with new bins, hanging flower baskets, and adding solar lights along the main sidewalks.

*Lexington Jr. High created an activity/coloring book for Jr. High mentors so that the engagement with elementary students will foster mentoring, leadership skills, and environmental education.

*Sacred Heart’s project is titled “Project Parish” and honors a former teacher for his impact on students and love of the outdoors. This project will promote recycling through the collection of 100 lbs  of bottle caps, which will be made into a bench contributing to the beautification of the parish campus.

*Shelby Middle School created an activity/coloring book to engage with younger students to promote the union of their new K-8 building. The book will help foster leadership skills within the Middle School’s recycling mentors during their Frog Day Awareness Day this Spring.  As they engage with younger students, the next generation of Ego-Whippets will emerge.

All programs focus on increasing awareness of recycling and learning to be responsible for stewarding the Earth.

Two $500.00 Grants are awarded to local schools that bring awareness to Reduce, Reuse or Recycle each school year. The deadline to apply for the 2023 grant is currently scheduled for January 24. An updated Grant Application will occur at the beginning of the 2022/2023 school year.

All applications for the grants will be reviewed by the RCRSWMA Board at the February meeting and the winning projects will be announced shortly afterwards.

Download the 2022 grant application here: Grant Application
For the official 2022 Grant Announcement, please click here.

Need help with grant ideas and on filling out the grant application? Call Kristin (419-774-5861) to schedule a visit to your classroom to discuss how to write and prepare for the grant and/or for reviewing possible projects that can benefit the school, the community, or a particular group of individuals.

Past Winners of Recycling Grants for Schools

The 2021 winners: The CACY team of Lexington Junior High. The team built a community of outreach for recycling during COVID19. Through emails, announcements, and consistent follow-up with recycling, the team created best recycling practices for Lexington Junior High while instilling “A sense of caring for the environment” and for each other. The Shelby Eco Whippets, Shelby Middle School, won a grant for their “Save the Frogs Day” promotion. The Eco Whippets will educate and fascinate younger students on the importance of frogs and toads in Richland County. Their program focuses on environmental awareness, the positive interaction with wildlife, the role of recycling in the community and how recycling promotes stewardship and responsibility to nature and wildlife.

Honorable Mention goes to Claire at Eastern Elementary. She demonstrated the power of making a difference by sharing posters/flyers, conducting studies, and installing simple recycling bins throughout her school to increase recycling efforts while promoting the importance of recycling at Eastern Elementary.

The 2020 winners: Crestview High School received a $500 grant for the water bottle study completed in their school. The Green Team learned that 626 plastic bottles were used by students while in school within a 3 week period. Crestview HS has installed refillable water bottle fountains. Shelby Eco-Whippets from Shelby Middle School studied the negative effects plastic straws have on the environment. Because of this study, straws are only distributed if students ask for them during school meal times.