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Educational Videos can be found on RCSW’s Facebook page. Click here: Richland County Solid Waste, Mansfield Ohio

Videos are also found at the bottom of this page:  Recycling Grants

Click on the Permission Slips to download necessary forms for your scheduled Educational Classroom visit:

Solid Waste Permission Slip
Transfer Station Permission Slip
Landfill Permission Slip

Review these links for fun and educational activities:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Resources for Students and Educators
This link will take you to the Ohio EPA Website.  It has a ton of information that is super helpful when planning your own recycling program – either at home or in the classroom.  Check it out!

Teacher Planet-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Many fun recycling activities for younger students  are found within this site. Some examples include Activity Sheets, Work Sheets, Clip Art, Coloring Pages, and Recycling Crafts. This site is chuck-full of Resources!

26 Ways Kids Can Protect the Environment! WeHaveKids
This website introduces younger kids to 26 different ways to protect the environment. Starting young is how to Save the Planet!

Pinterest-Kids Crafts
You will have to have a Pinterest Account to be able to view this link.  It is not hard to set-up an account and there is a lot of cool crafts for kids to make out of recycled materials.